Travel Fatigue Amnesia

Travel Fatigue Amnesia

After ten hours of driving, he felt the car swerve
as his eyelids got heavy and he lost his verve.
With an accident imminent, he pulled off the road
to turn into a Starbucks for sleep’s antipode—
a double espresso with foam and a scone.
His purchase completed, he departed alone,
but fifty miles later, he’s been heard to confess
a thought popped into mind that caused much distress.
He did a fast U turn, feeling like a louse,
and drove back to the Starbucks to retrieve his spouse.


Prompt words for the day are froth, imminent, purchase and verve .

20 thoughts on “Travel Fatigue Amnesia

    1. lifelessons Post author

      In the true story, the highway patrol pulled him over and told him he’d left his wife and child in a service station fifty miles back. He had gotten out of the car and didn’t see them get out to go to the bathroom. He thought they were still sleeping in the backseat of the car.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      My mother and I once got locked in the bathroom of a service station. The ladies room was way in the back and no one could hear us calling for help. We were locked in for at least 20 minutes or so until finally someone else came back to use it and we could tell them to go for help. We asked my dad if he couldn’t hear us yelling for help and he said yes but he thought it sounded like Canadian geese flying over! Ha. And the station owner? He said, “Oh yeah, that happened to a lady yesterday as well!” Slow burn.

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