Succulents and Anthurium in Inventive Planters: FOTD, Sept 29, 2020

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I found a new little vivero where the woman does such unusual plantings. The first one pictured is planted in an empty oyster tin. Wish I had purchased the one that still had the lid attached! The Anthurium was planted in a coconut shell which was then covered in grass so it formed a tight ball. I unfortunately left it in the trunk of my car while I met a friend for lunch, and so the leaves and flowers all dried out and shriveled up a bit. Hope it will grow new ones! The third was planted in a small coconut shell with little legs added on. I have a feeling I’ll be visiting this vivero again!  If you happen to live in the Lake Chapala area, the name of the inventive lady is Lety and her vivero is located across the carretera from Super Lake.

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13 thoughts on “Succulents and Anthurium in Inventive Planters: FOTD, Sept 29, 2020


    I like these~! I am in the process to adding little succulents to the ones I have in my kitchen and these would be nice instead of the pots I now have. My windowsills are deep due to my walls being eight inches thick instead of the usual six. So this would work great… What I have there now are long narrow (metal) planters. Some of the plants I have there are over 25 years old, and unusual~!

    See photo # 1 here for what I was looking at… I can make this with leftover granite counter top that I have which would be a better blend with the kitchen.


      1. lifelessons Post author

        I was kidding about sending me one. It would cost a fortune. I love them though..both on the mantel and on the windowsill. A great idea. What do you put inside to soak up excess water?



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