Brilliant Suggestion for the Next Presidential Debate

My friend Larry Kolczak had a great idea for the next presidential debate. Here’s a screen shot of his e-mail!

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20 thoughts on “Brilliant Suggestion for the Next Presidential Debate


    Well they say it works on a DOG, but I have never tried that, because most dogs listen after a few kind words. But maybe for Trump, I would consider it, NOTHING ever worked on him because he never stopped to listen what others had to say, kind or otherwise.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I bought one for my dog–not cheap–and never used it. I just couldn’t stand to administer the juice. It’s still sitting in its package on some shelf. I would be willing to donate it to the cause.


          1. bushboy

            I am surprised that you would do that to me Judy!!!! Although the news we are getting does inspire some sort of hope that there won’t be any more shit shows #Covid19 Presidentboy


            1. lifelessons Post author

              Purely unintentional. They published that her announcer died, but the way that it was stated made it sound like she had died. I really thought she had until Forgottenman checked out my statement and set me straight. So sorry to give her fan such a scare.

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  2. Dave

    Just watched it after DVR’ing the other night. Dislike both….but Biden just seems over matched, he really seems to have some cognitive issues….just sad a country with 330M folks can not get two better candidates. Praying for peace and some civil resolution no matter how things work out in 32 days.




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