Life is like a labyrinth. Things may be just fine,
yet we don’t know what awaits us farther down the line.

We can’t discern our futures, so we must enjoy today
so at least we’ll have a past to remember, come what may.

Changes of perspective are bound to come with time.
We may not have the passions that we had in our prime.

We are changeable creatures. So nature has intended.
If we hold onto earlier goals, our lives may get upended.

In times of adversity, we still possess rare treasures.
Our recollections are where we can hoard our former pleasures.


Prompt words for today are down the line, adversity, labyrinth, discern, change of perspective and creature.

17 thoughts on “Memory

      1. SAM VOELKER

        OOOOH shucks~! Not all words are bad, some just bring back bad thoughts… But your poem brought back very nice memories~!, thanks again…

        I went into my pond this morning and pruned some of the plants, thinking about you I saved some seeds for spring of the Star of Texas Hibiscus. You never did say if you like this one but I think you do not have one like it. In Louisiana it grows wild but likes wet feet if possible. (like me). You may have a place for it. I also trimmed the roots of several water lilies but those things are as large as a persons arm and I do not think that I have seen a pond on your place. Pond stinks when you stir up the bottom leaves, now I need a bath, but Tami still likes me.

        Liked by 1 person

            1. lifelessons Post author

              Touristic entry of the below items is strictly prohibited if the importer does not meet the requirements set forth on the SENASICA website: Propogation materials (seeds, bulbs, slips, buds, stakes, etc.) Flowers, plants, fresh fruits and vegetables.


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