November 3

November 3

Since we first crept out of the primordial slime,
evolving from a past when our words were only mime,
since the time we clothed ourselves in dresses and in britches,
we took our world for granted–its beauties and its riches.

We’ve jeopardized our future by burning fossil fuels,
courted war and pestilence, led on by greedy fools.
How do we show our gratitude for all nature’s provision?
We frack and turn, pollute and burn to fuel the world’s division.

Blind to impending disaster, we rush foolishly on,
letting those we’re led by continue with their con.
Buoyantly, we bob along, soothed by drugs and boozing,
not realizing all the ills in life are of our choosing.

What will it take to stem the tide? Who will arrive to lead us?
Who will heal our ravaged Earth, restore our souls and feed us?
Will this be an election that brings us ’round the bend
or will it just propel us more quickly to our end?


Image by Ella Evanescu on Unsplash. Used with permission. Prompt words for the day are impending, jeopardize, creep, buoyant, gratitude and slime.

17 thoughts on “November 3

  1. Christine Goodnough

    Actually, a person could argue that COVID has undertaken on behalf of the environment. Planes are grounded; cruise ships, those floating fuel-guzzlers, have been docked; gas consumption is down; at one point freeways were almost empty; people have stopped their mad rush to buy the newest; ships aren’t hauling as many trinkets or oil across the seas. Had the govt imposed all these restrictions there’d have been howling in the streets but now most of us just bravely do without. 🙂


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Stine. I, too, love Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss. You might have guessed that. Ten or more years ago, I was going to replace Shel as a writer for Glenn Yarbrough. Bet you aren’t old enough to remember him. He was going to sing all of the songs that I am now publishing as children’s books and it would have been so thrilling to work with the man who had been my very favorite singer when I was in college. Unfortunately, he lost his voice when he had an operation for polyps in his throat..and so there went my big chance. But I now have friends who have written music for the “songs”/storybooks so hope to get those out this year. It’s on my list. How I do ramble on, huh? I was so sorry to read about your husband and your son. Writing, for me, is the best salve and it was in the process of writing a book about my husband’s death that I felt that I really came fully back to life.

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      1. Stine Writing

        Yes writing has saved my nerves many times. I’m starting time write about my son and what he went through with bullying, etc. But different names. I didn’t want my daughter to feel like her life is being violated



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