All in Everything

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All in Everything

My heart as empty as a room the party’s left behind,
I tell myself I am at peace and that I do not mind;
but it may be pertinent, if I am being truthful,
to admit as I say these words, that I am feeling ruthful.

Day-by-day, I improvise, insisting I am free.
‘I” can pursue anything not limited by “we.”
Driving past the railroad tracks, an engine rushing by
reminds me of those trips when I was young and wild and high.

Cheyenne out to Oregon, Sydney to Melbourne town.
Always a new place and new adventure going down.
That local train in Java, stopping a thousand times
at every local village–the hawkers and the mimes 

flooding all the aisles and all the window frames
insistently proficient in their selling games.
All the places where I went teeming with new faces,
constantly observing as life put me through its paces.

Before old age annexed me, I had a brilliant life
as student and explorer, as writer, artist, wife.
Those inevitable things, grave and prompting sorrow
were always covered over by the prospect of tomorrow.

But now that tomorrow is not such a certain thing,
I simply fall in line with whatever life may bring.
Knowing that I can’t flee fate, still I have seized my power
by finding a whole universe in bee and bird and flower.





Prompt words today are empty room, pertinent, improvising, annex, railroad tracks and grave.

20 thoughts on “All in Everything

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Right.. You know me so well. The thrust of the poem kind of changed by the end. i kept getting interrupted as I was trying to write today.. One thing after the other..A wonder I came up with anything at all..Did the illustrations as I was having a foot massage!! Finally got it done..

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          Ha!! Good point.. I’ve had this same Masseur come to my house fo rmassages once or twice a week for six years. He just gets better and better and is taking lessons from physical therapists, a chiropractor and an osteopath! He is just a glutton for new info and techniques.

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  1. bushboy

    Love the photos Judy 🙂 I am with you with –
    “Knowing that I can’t flee fate, still I have seized my power
    by finding a whole universe in bee and bird and flower”
    Thanks for joining in 🙂


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    I think our personal tomorrows are unchanged but the context in which we live it has altered hugely. Garry, at 78, truly resents getting old. To the point that he is always sure something is wrong with him because he didn’t USED to feel like that.

    We had a lot of adventures and he had ten times more than I did. I like that we had a past because I couldn’t do most of that stuff anymore. My body won’t do it but because I did it, it lives on as a very happy memory. When all else seems to be crashing around us, Garry and I remember things together. We go back a long, long way.

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