After the Election


After the Election

Once the storm’s been pacified, I’ve made a lucid choice.
Never again will I listen to that orange fool’s voice!!!!

Prompt words today are lucid, pacify, storm and choice.

24 thoughts on “After the Election

  1. Lou Carreras

    I hope that’s an achievable goal. I worry that even if he runs off to Russia his many surrogates will continue to agitate. We’ll all be called upon to do something like keep calm and carry on. Chaos loves chaos.

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          1. Sam

            You are right, I forgot they have about three or so levels after him with the military and it takes all to push the button, but his big mouth can also start something. My fear is that people who should be intelligent follow him blindly, for the power involved. I know that in Colombia there were no officers above Colonel, as Generals might have a coup. In Algeria there was something happening about once a month, but they had a more aggressive way of putting it down.

            You should see some of these large white pickup trucks running around here full speed, acting aggressive, with all their flags flying, and the gun rack in the back window. I tell myself that they have been around for a long time, but he has given them the green light to act up. I also note several bombings and killings in the middle east over the past few days and it seems that the same thing happened in 2016. His gangs use the old magician “slight of hand” trick, while we are watching one thing another is going on.


    1. Sam

      It is difficult not thinking that way, though I am old enough to remember several such fears in the past. My thinking and hopes always have been: “Good will win out~!”, But we will be hearing HIM for a long time, unless one of his “base” puts something in his mouth~!



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