Fore!!! (Ousted)

Fore!!! (Ousted)

He wasn’t fit, he wasn’t deft.
Of brainpower, he was bereft.
So it should have been a landslide loss
that demoted him from being boss,
but it seems that daftness is in vogue.
Too many voted for the rogue.
Yet when I heard, to my delight,
we’d been  delivered from four years’ blight,
I whooped my whoops and cried my cries.
No constant orange would greet my eyes
whenever I turned on the tube.
We’ve exorcized the bungling boob!

Prompt words today are delight, landslide and  deft. 

10 thoughts on “Fore!!! (Ousted)

  1. Taze

    I hear you but I am certain that this is not the end of seeing and hearing him. And, if the dems want to keep any of the seats they’ve gained they better up their game b/c you can believe that the next four years the gop and base will be planning for the next swift take-over.


  2. Christine Goodnough

    Maybe it’s kind of like a marriage: two people come together with all kinds of hopes and expectations, eager to build a good life together. But they bring their individual natures, their faults, quirks, demands — maybe abrasiveness — into the mix. Then, instead of mellowing and blending, they harden. Mr Trump was given a great chance to demonstrate diplomacy and build confidence; instead he’s landed in political divorce court.

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          I think my dad chose a wife as unlike his mother as possible. His mother never let him rest. He’d work hard in the field all day and when he got home and wanted to rest, she’d say, “You, kid, don’t you have anything to do?” My mother knew this and so in our house, once he got in from a very long day on the ranch, he didn’t have to lift a finger. He slept, read and relaxed in “his” chair and we all pampered him. brought him things to drink, rubbed his head or feet. In return, he pampered us as well, insuring that none of us would have to work as hard as he had his whole life–and that we all got the best educations possible–something he would have loved to do since he had to quit school to work after the 8th grade. He made reading and learning his lifetime leisure activity after that. I think even under his mother’s iron rule, he remained himself. Good for him.

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