It is said in the beginning that light was of the essence,
as though the entire world was composed of luminescence.
Then particles of matter as the world went rogue
and cells and organisms finally came into vogue.

Evolution would not falter or heed any denial.
Eve wandered through the garden, then floated up the Nile.
Era after era, she mutated and changed,
her features and her hairstyles altered and rearranged.

The things she hung upon herself from shoulders and from ears
were revised era by era as she sauntered down the years.
Wandering down pathways or sauntering fashion’s aisles,
she flashed her varying feathers while testing out her wiles.

From grass skirts to hoop skirts, bustles to bustiers,
man has followed woman, doing what she says.
It is a grand illusion that men control the world
when the world’s whole future lies so tightly curled

within every woman, just waiting to get out,
for when it comes to reproduction, women hold the clout.
Men may seek to end the world and bring about its doom,
but  woman holds the next world safely within her womb.




Word prompts today are luminescenceadept, denial and rogue.

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