Different Strokes

Different Strokes

She was a paradigm of leisure, a role-model of laziness.
For her, excess mobility was just a sign of craziness.
She thought the act of exercise simply bore no credence.
In short, in her life, exercises had no antecedents.

She thought that the whole fitness craze was simply a vile plot
within which, in all her wisdom, only she had not been caught.
And so while all her neighbors put their bodies to the test,
she just exercised her option to remain at rest.

Prompt words for the day are mobility, paradigm, credence and plot.

12 thoughts on “Different Strokes

  1. Eilene Lyon

    Supposedly Neil Armstrong once said “I believe we have a finite number of heartbeats and I’m not going to waste mine running around doing exercises.” Our ancestors would laugh in astonishment at what we do to “stay fit”.

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