Christmas Cancelled!!!


Christmas Cancelled!!!

Lower the pinãta. Bring the party to a halt.
Cease your roar of protest, for I’m not the one at fault
for curbing your frivolity and quashing all our fun.
If you need a scapegoat, Father Christmas is the one
who turned Rudolph out to pasture and retired his sleigh to blocks.
while Gaea, Christ and Santa Claus have some major talks.
The Christ child won’t be crowned this year. The elves are on vacation.
Santa will stay a figment of your imagination.
The only Santas left are those “Ho ho” ing for their wages.
St. Nicholas gave up the ghost when we put kids in cages.

He sold off Donner and Blitzen when we turned our backs
on nature’s other creatures: the elephants and yaks.
All the endangered creatures in the forest and the seas,
those crippled by pollution, global warming and disease.
He closed up his workshop as we squandered nature’s gifts,
deserted the North Pole as the glaciers formed their rifts.
Now bad boys won’t get presents and, alas, the good ones either.
We’re being banished to our rooms while nature takes a breather.
Will Christmas come another year? I guess we’ll wait and see.
Next year will we be perched on or turned over Santa’s knee?

Prompt words for today are crown, roar, fault and figment.

16 thoughts on “Christmas Cancelled!!!

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Marilyn. I’m having an adult storybook illustrated right now.. Just got the first illustration tonight and it is a scream. It is the rough copy but Isidro is having so much fun figuring out the illustrations from the poems that form the narrative. Want to see a sneak view of the first two pages?


      1. lifelessons Post author

        Hey, I can hear my resident opossum munching on the leftover cat food. He comes every night to do so but I’ve only managed to see him once. He usually hears me coming no matter how quiet I am in my approach.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Sadje. We just can’t keep overlooking what we are doing to our planet. Hopefully our new administration will take it more seriously than the last one did. A lot more seriously–like top priority.

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  1. equitysoftware

    It is unfortunate that restricting the bacchanalian consumerism that Christmas has become difficult/impossible while restriction of the spiritual celebration of Christmas, and of all the ethnic religious festivals celebrated across the UK seems to be casually imposed…

    I am not religious but it seems that these days the fatted calf is not any fatted calf.. this is an M&S fatted calf!!

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  2. equitysoftware

    I totally agree, Howard. My heart sinks when the late-July post brings Christmas catalogs from various charities, and by the end of October, I am heartily sick of the whole idea of Christmas as it now is – ie a blatant attempt to get us all to spend more and more money on things we don’t need and which the planet can ill afford. It’s about time we stopped associating ‘happiness’ with ‘more stuff’ and valued what is actually important in life. I for one would be very happy if no-one was able to so much as mention Christmas until the beginning of November at the earliest.

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  3. omniclassic

    So many religions, each professing to worship the same God, continue to fight with, and among, themselves as to who is better in the world. Who will go to heaven and who will be left out. Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Ghandi, Buddha all gone now, but truly exceptional individuals when on the earth, each trying to teach humans a better way of life. We ignored them all, and to an extent do so today. Money has become the new God. Acknowledgement of any higher force or being for the gift of this planet has run course. I think Christmas has been cancelled for a long time,


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Not much to diagree with, Omniclassic. Hopefully the spirit of giving and communion will survive–which is what all of the people who gave rise to the Earth’s religions taught, in spite of how their teachings have been twisted.



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