Locationally Challenged

Locationally Challenged

I’ve misplaced my glasses. Yesterday it was my keys.
If they weren’t attached, I’m fairly sure I’d lose my knees.
Some say I’m absent-minded, others say I am forgetful,
but whatever you may call me, you can bet I’m often fretful.

Whenever I walk through my house, I am forever gleaning
things I’ve lost throughout the week since Yolanda’s last cleaning.
But though I look for hours, my passport just stays lost.
I obsess about it all week long. My dreams are tempest-tossed.

Monday morning, when she arrives, it takes her just a minute
to approach me with her hand held out with my passport in it!
Ironic that though I’m the only one here who can use it,
that I also seem to be the only one who can’t peruse it!

First I lost my laptop and then I lost its mouse.
I looked under the sofa. I combed the whole darn house.
I sought it in the hammock, in the front seat of my car.
It wasn’t on the bathtub ledge, the table or the bar.

Finally, I found it in the last place where you’d look—
on the shelf above the kibble in the doggie nook!
Too many things to think about. Too many things to do.
I simply have to find a way where I can shed a few.

I’ll sacrifice my waistline and a smooth complexion. 
I’ll put up with my creaky bones and energy’s defection.
Just to keep my memory is all that I am asking,
like back when I was young and I excelled at multi-tasking.

 Prompt words for today are misplaced, bet, legendary and glean.

18 thoughts on “Locationally Challenged

  1. Christine Goodnough

    Oh, yes! How amazing that I can lose something I had in my hand five minutes ago.

    Your poem reminds me of an account in the book African Creeks I Have Been Up where she had a couple of light-fingered servants. She had to throw a tantrum one a week, rushing about looking for her… Amazing what different “missing” things suddenly turned up again — for fear that was the item she was searching for.

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  2. slmret

    I have two pairs of glasses — one for the computer, and one bifocals for daily life. I often find that I’ve left each in the place for the other — and suddenly realize, far from home, that I am wearing the computer glasses! Things do disappear, though they usually reappear fairly quickly!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      If you notice, the glasses are on top of my head in the photo. Once I was looking for my reading glasses. I had on my graduated driving/reading glasses but wanted just the plain reading ones for working on my blog. I could not find them but for some reason decided to use the photo booth feature which I hadn’t used in a long time and wasn’t on my deck. When I located it I took a shot to check it out and only then noticed my reading glasses were on my head, my dual glasses on my nose!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha..I think you are kidding, but my first sign that I gotta start working on my memory was forgetting where things are on my toolbar and favorites bar…and the process of WP. Crazy. Working with prompts and having to do so many links has really helped. Just like our bodies, we have to exercise our minds to stay fit.

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  3. Eilene Lyon

    You really nailed that feeling – and the perfect photo to go with it. You know about doorways? Every time you walk through one, your brain starts a new “chapter”. Whatever happened on the other side of the portal is history!



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