New Hibiscus! FOTD Dec 6, 2020

I just bought this hibiscus today. I told the woman who owns the vivero I must pass every time I drive into San Juan Cosala that I have no problems with drugs and alcohol but that I’m addicted to plants! They always put the new hibiscus varieties along the road and I almost always fall. I had this one sitting in the kitchen and will plant it on Monday, but there must be enough light that it was still open at 11 PM. Here it is… my first red one, albeit the red is just around the edges. It is six inches across.

For Cee’s FOTD

17 thoughts on “New Hibiscus! FOTD Dec 6, 2020

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Aha. I thought the “teach” was a request. Should have minded the punctuation or you should have capitalized the “T.” Equally to blame, I’d say..and you must admit that twice learned is well-taught.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know!!! love it. There was another I should have purchased as well. A color I’d never seen before. Perhaps I’ll go back. But I had already bought 7 other plants as well. Three bougainvilleas, two thunbergias and two ornamental kale. Plus the hibiscus. But, you only live once and all together they cost less than dinner in a restaurant in the states, so why not?

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Not even close. Basically one man is working on it. When he finishes one job we begin another. Trying to decide what to do first.. build a sidewalk in front of it or do an area with cacti. Right now he’s building brick surrounds around three other plantings..And he finished the floor for the arbor/sun screen. I bought lots of bougainvillea and thunbergia to start filling out the planter that runs the entire distance of the lot.. front to back. It’s a double lot that runs behind both my house and the neighbor’s so it runs 2/3 of the distance through the entire block. You and the head gardener would have fun filling it. We’ll do more fruit trees. We’ve planted papaya and there’s a mango tree, pampas grass and redgrass, maguey and palms..I was going to do bamboo but I think it is too much work to control it unless you build an enclosure three feet down into the ground. We had bamboo in CA–timber, golden and black. We used it in our art. Redwood and bamboo have a very symbiotic relationship so the bamboo thrived. I’d like to see how much it has spread now.

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