Reuniting with an Old Friend at the School Reunion

Reuniting with an Old Friend at the School Reunion

You astound me with your gibberish. Where did you learn this stuff?
After just a minute or two, I feel I’ve had enough.

I pride myself on faithfulness, but nonetheless I fear
somehow over all the years you’ve turned a little queer.

I never pegged you for a fool way back in our youth,
yet I think you got shorter on wits as you got long of tooth.

Though friends of long duration are my favorite kind,
somehow I feel that you’re one friend I need to leave behind.

Word prompts today are peg, gibberish, astound and faithful. Image by Janko Ferlic on Unsplash.


11 thoughts on “Reuniting with an Old Friend at the School Reunion

  1. slmret

    So sad, but true. My best friend from HS has turned a little odd — she’s the one who stayed in her home downhill from the Montecito fires and mudslides. I find her thought processes are completely unintelligible to me at this point, and I have a hard time dealing with her.


      1. slmret

        I talk with her on the phone occasionally — every time, she talks forever, making little or no sense, until I cry to myself that “I can’t!” Our last conversation devolved into a political diatribe, shortly before the election. She thinks Trump is wonderful, but couldn’t say why, and Biden “looks like a senile old man.” She’s always had a few off-beat ideas, but it’s real craziness now!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Many good reunions as well, luckily. Just a disappointment when someone who was once your friend turns out to be someone you’d rather not see anymore. It makes you feel so disloyal to that “once was” friend.


    2. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks so much. It seems to be an addiction, but I actually stubbornly stick to a passe form because it helps to stave off Alzheimer’s–I hope. The mental stimulation does help to improve my memory and mental powers. Fighting valiantly not to succumb to that curse of advancing age.



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