Travel Challenge, Day 8

I’m going to break the rules to explain this travel photo, which was my favorite taken during a long-ago trip with my mother, driving the backroads of England, Scotland and Wales. Since my mother had always been interested in the paranormal, I made sure to include two overnight stays in haunted hotels. This one was in the Cotswolds, and although we noted no paranormal activity, I did love the fact that this hot water bottle was hanging on the back of the bathroom door–not your usual amenity. 

The rules are to post one travel photo each day for ten days with no comment, and to nominate one other person for the challenge each day to do the same. Rules were made to be broken, so for the last two days, I’m going to decree that you can say whatever you wish to about your travel photo. For my eighth day, I nominate Sam at Los Perdidos.

Go HERE if even after viewing this photo, you still want to see my day 9 photo.

11 thoughts on “Travel Challenge, Day 8


    Oh Judy you should not have done this, even to me~! You should know that back in grammar school days with “Show-n-Tell”, I always did better on the telling than the showing. My mind works in devious ways as you know; like I am old enough to know that the water bottle you show in your post had more than one use, and even had two names, bet your mom knew this~!. It was found in most bathrooms with accessories, and not just to keep your feet warm, but rather hanging by that little hole on the bottom~! May I say it often took the place of a bidet~?
    Next I would never be able to follow your original rules so could not accept your challenge under them. And third, I may not be able to think of eight people among all who daily send out such great travelogues.

    So as I stated when this started, I would break the rules on the first day~! But if, at the end of your responsibility, you started a new one, say for seven days, with more open rules, I might bite~! One thing that would be interesting is to show “found objects” from travels, as you have done in the above post, and ask others to identify them, sort of a: “whats this~?”, asking possibly the location and a description, which may explode the game in many directions. or the submitter may identify or discuss them on a follow up reply, this would be fun and under these looser rules I would accept.

    Under the somewhat new rules though, I would like to pass my responsibility on to Harold Stearly of “EarthWalking, who travels, writes, and photographs our earth and ecology in such a beautiful way…But, like me, he may want to write about his photos as well~!

    Now don’t you go correcting my errors, because I just got back from the hospital where I had cataract surgery and am writing with one eye and on a minor “high”~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      If you look at the writing after the photo you’ll see that I not only broke my own rules but also changed them. And I’ve skipped days. You can do anything you want. These are just the rules passed to me. And that bag had uses other than to keep one warm and to use as a bidet.

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