Dear Santa

Dear Santa

Make the sleigh bells jingle, put leather to the back
of every lazy reindeer. You’ve an extra-heavy pack
to deliver in this year when folks can’t get out shopping
so there’ll be way more presents that you’ll need to be dropping. 

You’ve always been a busy guy every Christmas Eve,
but this year with the extra presents that you’ll have to leave,
you’ll need some extra energy and upon great reflection,
we’ve come up with some special means to show our great affection.

Milk and cookies will not be enough for you this year,
so we’ll leave you a Wassail cup, a porter or a beer
along with a sub sandwich, some cookies and some chips
and some vaseline with glitter to protect your chilblained lips.

May you have sufficient energy. May reindeer find a way
to keep up with the pressure of this extra special day.
And may you be assured while you’re delivering your plenty
that no year in the future will rival 2020!!!



Prompt words today are glitter, leather, wassail and jingle.


16 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. slmret

    I love this, Judy — the idea of porter or beer sounds much better than milk and cookies for Santa — perhaps a little grass for the reindeer as well! It’s going to be a tough year for poor Santa and the reindeer, and this recognition should help them!



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