Sister One and Sister Two

Sister One and Sister Two

Sister one and sister two, not evenly endowed.
One evaded notice while the other sister wowed.

A curvaceous body and over-ample bodice
caused the gentlemen in town to label her a goddess.

And while competing suitors stirred up quite a kerfuffle,
somehow her older sister got lost within the shuffle.

The younger married early and had children one, two, three,
while the elder went to college and got a law degree.

Now she deals with matters such as writs and laws and torts
while her sis wipes runny noses and irons hubby’s shorts.

In her Freshman year, big sis bloomed into a cutie,
but in her full maturity she turned into a beauty.

She’s done business in London, where she met the queen,
been to Italy and Sweden and places in between.

She’s weekended in Paris and sailed the Grecian coast,
and though she’s made some conquests, she’s not inclined to boast.

Her opponents in the courtroom find her erudite and smart.
First she wins her cases, and then she wins their heart.

In short, not every teenage girl may be a beauty queen,
but from high school to one’s dotage, there are chances in  between!

One day she will marry, but in the interim
she’s savoring the process of finding the right “him.”

Prompt words today are shuffle, goddess, ending. Image by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash, used with permission.

19 thoughts on “Sister One and Sister Two

      1. isaiah46ministries

        I did! Her house was packed all the time. She died at age 23, and I adopted her four children. I owed her big time! 48 years later, the pain is still there and brings me to tears in a blink of a eye. She was more mother than sister, and it was she who loved me enough that I knew how to love her children and others.

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          1. isaiah46ministries

            She died December 19, and I had just turnd 21 on November 24. I was so unprepared for her death, but when one of her 4-year-old daughter asked me who was going to be their new Mommy, as I was trying to explain to children ages 2-6 about heaven, I didn’t hesitate or ask my then-husband for permission. I just said, “I am.” It was the best decision of my life, as I found the motivation to seek to fulfill my dreams, to get them out of poverty. I owed my sister that much!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Sadje. I wrote this poem and then most of it was erased before I could save it! It seems WP is no longer automatically saving periodically. When I tried to delete a word it deleted all of the poem and wouldn’t restore it so I had to go back to a 4-line draft I’d written six hours before and start all over again. Grrrrr.

      Liked by 2 people


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