In a world that seems a satire of itself,
we come out of our separate closets masked,
as though nature is warning us
not to reveal too much, too soon.

Much as we desire a safer world,
and as much as I yearn to bring you
tidings of peace and good will,

peace is not a goal accomplished,
so though I mask my face,
I do not mask my words.

We are silhouettes
striking out from our shadows,

sharing our pain in retribution.
Hearts fester in their isolation
and communicate through violence—
blowing up the world
they don’t belong to,
than the heart’s

In blasting their way into our world,
they pull us after them, 
and we sink
to the lowest common denominator—
violence, hate and greed.

If wishes were action,
perhaps the world could heal,
but, in fact,
it heels
to the commands
of those who seek to stain and plunder.

My wish for the new year’s birth?
As hearts of darkness

seek to lead the way,
let some bright flash
that is a part of all of us
ignite in common
to conquer their shadows
and strip all masks away.


Prompt words today are satire, silhouette, wishes and tidings.

16 thoughts on “Masquerade

  1. slmret

    A wonderful new year’s wish, Judy — may 2021 be a better year for us all! How true that we have become silhouettes of ourselves, living in out shadows — we all need to ‘conquer those shadows’ so we may ‘strip the masks away’!

    Liked by 1 person


    Thanks for that one word “HOPE” Judy, It made me remember that I had not included it in a poem I wrote on PEACE…. So I went back and added a verse to include it.. I also noticed something that WordPress does to some of my post and I can not figure out how to fix this. After a time it marks “comments” as being “closed”, I note that on these post it also changes the name from the posted name to a number~! I have never closed comments and can not figure out how to reopen them.
    That poem is here:



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