Shelter in Place

Shelter in Place

I’m balanced on the precipice. Should I plunge or not?
I don’t know how to fly, and for sure I won’t be caught.
I’ll be disappointed if I don’t, but frightened if I do.
One says to remain while the other prompts adieu.

Every life decision is a choice between
leaving to see more or staying with what I’ve seen.
Both choices irresistible. Which one do I chose?
Either way I win and either way I lose.

Time and time again I’ve chosen the same choice.
“Be off to your future self” speaks with the loudest voice.
Only now does nature make my choice for me—
instead of changing places, to stay and explore “me.”


Words of the day are adieu, plunge, disappointed and precipice.

13 thoughts on “Shelter in Place

  1. slmret

    That’s a tough choice that nature made for you! Whether through Covid-19 or through one’s own aging, it’s one that must be made carefully and thoughtfully!For now, I’m quite content to stay at home, but that won’t last long after the virus is controlled!

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