A Gut-Wrenching Plea From an L.A. Funeral Home Owner

This is such an important message. Especially if you live in L.A., but surely this is happening elsewhere as well. Why haven’t we heard this before? Remember the scene in The Clockwork Orange where the man’s eyes were taped open and he was forced to watch the horrible videos? I think this is a case where it might be appropriate for those opposing masks and insisting Covid is a hoax.

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I’ve debated whether to post this video, but after seeing news of the covidiots blocking access to vaccinations in Los Angeles (No, I won’t post links), I think this is an important message.

(Thanks to BEAU for pointing me to this video.)

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5 thoughts on “A Gut-Wrenching Plea From an L.A. Funeral Home Owner

  1. Melanie B Cee

    That’s sobering. I take issue with one thing (in the whole ten minutes, that’s amazing to me, because you may know I usually ‘take issue’ with more than that). The only issue I have with the video is the blame game part. To me? It doesn’t matter WHO is ‘responsible’, what ought to matter (in my opinion) is that everyone start doing something about it. Yeah, our government has shown a horrible lack of disregard and ‘me first-ism’ in dealing with Covid and the vaccination ‘scheme’ is a joke. Just read Marilyn’s Armstrong’s posts if you doubt it. BUT. For eleven of these past twelve months, we had El Assh*le Supremo in the White House. We’ve got a new guy now. Let’s hope he steps up and takes some ACTION. Sensible action to deal with the overwhelming problem of Covid. The next thing we’re going to hear about is mass graves because the cemeteries are full. The news is really overwhelming. It’s a damned shame about what’s going on. Thanks Judy for sharing this. It was informative!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know. My thought was that even during the plague and Spanish flu, they had wagons collecting and dispensing with the dead. Ridiculous that nothing similar in a modern vein has occurred for those without the resources to pay for cremation and other costs.



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