Exculpatory Failure: The Cookie Caper

Exculpatory Failure: The Cookie Caper

My sister can’t explain the fate
of cookies missing from the plate.
A generous portion merely vanished
to unknown realms furtively banished.

Here, for instance is an example
of why she couldn’t take a sample:
she couldn’t reach the cookies there
so high above her tangled hair—
an argument I must impeach,
for they are not beyond her reach.

And so I cannot exculpate
her innocence in this debate.
The cookies have indeed gone missing.
The coffee pot is gently hissing
and I can’t accept her bluff
of why there are not cookies enough
for all my mother’s friends to chew
even one, let alone two!

My mother baked hour after hour
so they’d have plenty to devour,
yet now there are a paltry few.
I guess they’ll have to just make do

with a cookie each or less.
Good for their dieting, I guess.

Who can the guilty culprit be?
My sister hopes they’ll think it’s me
who stole said cookies from the plate
and not that tiny reprobate
with chocolate crumbles on her lips
and frosting on her fingertips.

My little sis, so innocent,
admits not where those cookies went.
Yet that bonanza clearly resides
somewhere within her own insides.

Today’s prompt words are bonanza, example, generous and exculpate.

11 thoughts on “Exculpatory Failure: The Cookie Caper

  1. Mason Bushell

    Haha! Thats so funny, naughty sister! Lol. Around here it would likely be Lucy Dog in trouble. She can smell a cookie a mile away!

    Love this poem and how you told a fun and compelling story with it, well done, Judy.


      1. slmret

        Judy — I don’t know! I wrote that 4 hours ago, on my way to the eye doctor! Perhaps it was the combination of the colorful napkin the cookies are on and the cookies themselves — or perhaps a childhood memory brought to the forefront! If I had commented now, I wouldn’t have seen that!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      My next door neighbor Dave cooked those cookies.. the ones I photographed. The sticky-fingered little sister was fictional. So, the ladies actually got their fill of cookies.



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