What Little Worlds

What Little Worlds
(Ode to a Tiny Fungi on the Rainforest Floor)

What little worlds are lost to us
there on the jungle floor
as, looking up,
we tread them underfoot.

Perhaps whole civilizations
extinguished on those orange orbs—
A solar system of planets with their denizens
too microscopic for us to see.

Heedless Gods we are, our mighty glances
overlooking much of what’s beneath us.

But for the camera lens,
how much more we would miss
as we go about our busy greater world.


For the dVerse Poets Fungi Prompt. Memories of the Lacandón jungle, 2008. Other small memories of that adventure are below (fungal and non-fungal.)

5 thoughts on “What Little Worlds

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Dolly. It just occurred to me that these photos were taken on two different trips. One was to the Lacadón jungle in Chiapas and the other was the Amazon Rain forest in Peru. I’m starting to lose it.

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