In the Garden of the Ice Goddess

Photograph by Kelley Farrell

In the Garden of the Ice Goddess

It’s been a chilly fantasy living in your world.
In every tiny rosebud, an icycle is curled.
Though all of us are vying to try to win your favor,
every single day you require a new flavor.

When you ask us over to have a friendly dip,
we swim in your excesses and it’s an uphill trip.
With one toe in the water, you declare it to be frigid
and state the obvious now that the water has gone rigid.

You bend to lift your skirts up, revealing silver blades,
then glide most gracefully away in one of your charades.
Who can guess your motives or your next vain act?
What new futile effort do you wish us to enact?

Logic is not your forte and kindness not your thing.
You always cast asunder everything we bring.
One by one, we falter and we fall away,
knowing we too will turn to ice if we choose to stay.

Photo by Kelley Farrell. See her blog HERE. Prompt words today are chilly, swim, fantasy and vie.

6 thoughts on “In the Garden of the Ice Goddess

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Dolly. Good timing that my friend published that photo just today and it appeared right after I’d published my poem. She gave permission and I substituted her photo for mine. Some synchronicity working there.

      Liked by 2 people


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