Brain vs Brawn

Brain vs Brawn

Performing ablutions and feeding the dogs,
writing to prompts and checking out blogs.
My movement these mornings is slightly curtailed
now that my circadian rhythms have failed.
With two hours’ sleep, it’s dubious that
my exercise will exceed petting the cat.
You may claim that you still can do a mean pushup,
but lately some of us just can’t get our tushup.
Good for all of you folks with perpetual youth,
although bragging of it I find slightly uncouth.
Do I blather on about crosswords I’ve done
or winning at Scrabble? It just isn’t done.
I don’t swagger around with my I.Q. in view.
Clearly, I have something better to do.
So cover that body. Put your pecs in a shroud.
That muscle shirt clearly should not be allowed.
Put clothes on those biceps, obscure that tight tush.
We know that you pump and you pull and you push,
but must you show us? We find it importunate
that you should flaunt them to all the unfortunate.
We don’t display that we’re learned and clever.
We don’t quote Chaucer. Well, not hardly ever.
We won’t humiliate your split infinitive
if you won’t show off your muscles definitive.
Those of us flabby and rotund and loose
hereby are suggesting that we call a truce.
We will not correct your split infinitive
if you won’t show off  your muscles definitive.

Prompt words today are movement, dubious, claim and ablution.

5 thoughts on “Brain vs Brawn

        1. lifelessons Post author

          I write my blog first thing when I wake up, but I’m usually on the computer 11 hours or more during the day. I’m probably writing for 5-8 hours of that time, some days more. I used to write mainly at night but that has changed for the past 7 years, when I usually write from 8 or 9 in the morning until one or two, then pretty much whenever I have the chance.

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