A Fulmination on Fizgigs

A Fulmination on Fizgigs

What I go through to write blogs is absurd.
I’m desperate for topics. I search for each word.
Superior writing often evades me,
but still I am happy when someone upbraids me
to get off the bench and engage in the play
of Ragtag, Fandango or Word of the day.

Each day I search out a possible angle.
I plot and I worry, I scheme and I wangle
to make use of each prompt word, however absurd.
I will not be bettered by any strange word!
So, bring on your fizgigs and your mollynogging,
I won’t be intimidated in my own blogging!

And although some readers might be irritated
by having to look up words obscure and dated,
and though I must struggle, often in vain,

to make use of prompt words that I find inane,
still I’ll plod on, stubborn to the ending,
regardless of what crazy prompt word is pending!!!


Word prompts for today are bench, superior, happiest, fizgig and wangle.

23 thoughts on “A Fulmination on Fizgigs

      1. Mister Bump UK

        Not a clue. That’s why I don’t take part in that particular prompt 🙂.
        Seriously, I reckon I have an adequate vocabulary already, so I can usually find more productive things to do than to look up new words. But, you know, to each their own. I spent yesterday analysing a list of all of the meds which are approved by the FDA – which would probably make most people’s eyes glaze over!


  1. Leslie Johansen Nack

    Good work Judy. You always amaze me. You are a fizgig for sure (the first meaning of the word lol). Thank goodness Miriam Webster says the word is archaic, since many of us didn’t know the meaning. It is a fun word to say just as you are fun.



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