Climate Shift

Climate Shift

The lady’s mood was known to oscillate season to season.
One month she was crazy and the next given to reason.
Winter, in particular, seemed to fray her nerves,
when no truffles were available to top off her hors d’ oeuvres.

She saw inclement weather as a personal rebuff.
She simply abhorred snowflakes—their frigidity and fluff.
She wrote a letter to the mayor, for she knew it was a fact
there was a ban on nasty weather that he could enact.

The letter that she wrote him finally reached him in December,
but in the rush of Christmas, he neglected to remember
that she had made demands until the New Year celebration
was over, whereupon he said he’d take a small vacation

to try to conduct research in a sunnier location—
perhaps a South American or Carribean nation—
to see just how they managed to defray this colder weather.
Then he’d fly off to another just to further study whether

just what, if anything, there might be to be done
to do away with winter and attract more sun.
His efforts were so thorough that , booking after booking,
when he didn’t find an answer, he had to go on looking.

From Belize to Barbados, Aruba to St. Kitt,
the solution kept evading him, yet he sought after it.
Then, finally, in June, the lady got her wishes.
No snowflakes on her shoulders and truffles for her dishes.

For when the mayor came back from his research in milder lands,
He brought the sun back with him, thus meeting her demands.

Prompt words today are oscillate, particular, month and rebuff.

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6 thoughts on “Climate Shift


    Good expression bringing back other thoughts,,,, I guess he did not know that even cactus (and nice ladies) can get icy if things get bad enough. However one of my most pleasant memoirs of the north was to see the crocuses peeping up through the snow in the early spring. It gave me the feeling that putting our up with the terrible weather even has it’s rewards if you wait long enough (and don’t run away from it).

    Here on my place in the south unfortunately we do not have crocus, so the harbingers of spring are the daffodils and lily of the valley, bulbs always being first, but the ones less ephemeral on my place are the longer lasting wild anemone. They start out white, gradually getting more blue and darker until they are almost purple. When I see them “pop up”, I know that spring can’t be far away~! And I have already had daffodils and Lily of the valley blooming this year by plants which became confused by the changing weather.

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