Worst Poem Ever

Worst Poem Ever

Since today’s theme is brevity, it’s time that I must beat.
I’ll write my poem and then I will stage a fast retreat.
I must do the task alone and be focused and stalwart,
because you cannot simply go and buy a poem at Walmart!


Prompt words today are brevity, retreat, theme and stalwart. Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash, used with permission.

16 thoughts on “Worst Poem Ever

  1. judyreeveswriter

    Loved “Worst Poem Ever” and am copying here “Best Poem Ever” by Brian Doyle.

    The Best Poem Ever
    What if, says a small child to me this afternoon,
    We made a poem without using any words at all?
    Wouldn’t that be cool? You could use long twigs,
    And feathers, or spider strands, and arrange them
    So that people imagine what words could be there.
    Wouldn’t that be cool? So there’s a different poem
    For each reader. That would be the best poem ever.
    The poem wouldn’t be on the page, right? It would
    Be in the air, sort of. It would be between the twigs
    And the person’s eyes, or behind the person’s eyes,
    After the person saw whatever poem he or she saw.
    Maybe there are a lot of poems that you can’t write
    Down. Couldn’t that be? But they’re still there even
    If no one can write them down, right? Poems in
    Books are only a little bit of all the poems there are.
    Those are only the poems someone found words for.
    © Brian Doyle

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Oh Judy, this is wonderful. I’ve never seen it before..Brought me to tears and now both dogs are howling a lovely poem, picked up by all the other dogs in the neighborhood, so I’m sure they picked up on my sentiment…

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