Moss Rose: FOTD Mar 4, 2021

For Cee’s Flower of the Day, Mar 4, 2021

8 thoughts on “Moss Rose: FOTD Mar 4, 2021


    My moss roses are not nearly as prolific as yours are. But they must live inside this time of year. I was worried when I had stopped receiving notices of your post for about a week, when that happens I wonder “did she finally just get enough and unfriended me”, and I am no longer part of her 6K plus correspondents. Wow what a put down that would be~! So I put in a new request~!

    Oh already Thursday and Maria will be here soon with hot burritos for breakfast. Then the house will sound like an auto factory with those ladies talking loudly to each other from room to room with a vacuum and washing machine going and I now let Emelia use my power blower to blow off the porch so it is no longer a quiet for me to sit and listen to the water falling in my pond, so Tami and I will take refuge in my office with the door closed, doing photo digitizing until they leave, then I have an appointment to go test for new reading glasses, I can’t see very well to read out of the old ones, sense the cataract surgery but my eyesight is great for distance without glasses now~!.

    I guess you see what that stupid republican governor did to Texas and now I will have it even worse trying to go get groceries, maybe that tree fell on his head too, these conservatives never did pay attention to a mask and now it will be worse.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I saw that you were a new follower and I was surprised. Nope. I blog every day. The other day was the first time I didn’t get posted until later afternoon. I usually plan it so I can post as early in the morning as possible.

      Doesn’t it feel good to have people in the house at times during the week? I’ve always loved having Yolanda and Pasiano here, making my life easier and lovelier and funnier.


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