United States

United States

As I peruse the system, I cannot help but balk.
Instead of fixing fissures, they just bring out the caulk
and stuff it in the spaces, obscuring every crack,
not finding it expedient to deal with what we lack.

If we could come together in more than just our name,
looking for a way to fix instead of just to blame,
we could start on the road  to our founding fathers’ aim
and prove for once that politics is more than just a game.

It’s become unexpected for our government to work.
Various private agendas cause senators to shirk
the purpose of their being there—to work the problems out.
Instead, each chance to work together turns into a bout.

Republican or Democrat, their whole agenda should
be to make our country fair and safe and good.
Bring mercy out of hiding. Make lady justice proud.
Surrender guns. Thereby decree,”No violence allowed.”

Take back the halls of governance from the N.R.A.
Accept that we’re all brothers, be we black or white or gay,
transgendered, brown or red, no matter how we look or talk.
If our true aim is democracy, we’ve got to walk the walk.

Prompt words are unexpected, peruse, system, balk and game.

11 thoughts on “United States

  1. Christine Goodnough

    I basically agree. Not sure if you can convince Americans to surrender handguns, but at least if the AK-47s could be banned to non-military, there may be less deadly slaughters.
    All people as brothers may be a hard sell, but if Americans could accept that they are all fellow citizens and want to live in a peaceful country. Respect for all is important; even if you don’t agree and feel so “brotherly,” at least “live and let live.”
    But I see disrespect (now called “sassy” or smart-mouth) so accepted and pushed. Saw a T-shirt saying something like: “I’m just waiting for you to stop talking so I can tell you how wrong you are.” A cushion that says, “I’m not bossy, I just have better ideas.” “Bad-ass” book heroes. I read a book where the female MC was a belligerent man-hater, and most of the reviewers loved her “sassy” character. In all these little ways we promote the opposite of the respect for all we hope to see in our society.


  2. isaiah46ministries

    I agree, Judy. Here in Georgia, voting in urban areas is being hampered so badly. Yet, to complain is seen as “using the reach card.” I feel such despair at both parties, and while they bicker and lies are spoken, the nation doesn’t achieve anything like unity or the common good. Somehow I forgot how greed for power can destroy nations, and how one man can convince so many of untruths. It is scary what is happening, especially making it harder for some to vote, rendering them of no value. Truly frightening! How do you fight back?


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I guess we fight back by staying true to our own standards and trying to demand that those we elect into office do the same. It is hard when so much of the superstructure at the top is corrupt and the people in it have only their own needs in mind. Georgia is at the forefront of this right now. Liberal ministers speaking out to refute what the far right televangelists spout might help, but people seem so frozen in their beliefs. No one who really needs to is listening.

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