Keeping Abreast

Keeping Abreast

If I were made the ruler of
this universe I rue and love,
the one thing I would not let “be”
is the force of gravity
in respect to just one issue.
Namely––my mammary tissue!

For, though you may feel dubious,
each year, I grow more boobious!
I do not like them hanging there
where once they used to thrust the air.
Where once each strained against its cup,
It seems like now  they’ve given up.

Listless and flat, downward they droop.
Sad Sack replaces Betty Boop.
They have no personality.
They’ve lost elasticality!
The result is truly tragic,
so this is why I need some magic.

Please, gods of nature, give a cure.
There must be some way to inure
my breasts from force of gravity.
Now that I rule, hear my plea!
Tell gravity that it is best
to loose its hold upon each breast

so they are perky once again,
thrusting out below my chin
instead of hanging in two vees
somewhere down around my knees!
Restore my pride. Dispel my frown.
I want them hanging out, not down!


For dVerse Poets: Body Parts


Is it cheating that this is a poem I wrote six years ago? More true now than then!!!!

22 thoughts on “Keeping Abreast


    Oh wow you made my day
    divulging everything you had to say~!
    This one goes into my keeper file
    along side my attempts by a country mile.
    But truth must now just stay with me
    disclosing things about my anatomy.
    Which in the past was firm and sound,
    now just seems to be hanging down.

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  2. judyreeveswriter

    I love this rhyme:
    For, though you may feel dubious,
    each year, I grow more boobious!
    What a fun poem, Judy.
    (Do I identify? yes I do.)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. John Hric

    This sounds like a good start to a new Dr. Seuss book. The Cat in the Hat and the Pendulous Predicament of the Bountiful Dubious Boobius. First I need to switch from this coffee stuff. Happy Friday…


  4. robtkistner

    Judy, you made me smile. So honest and humorous — and wonderful rhyming. I don’t have the exactly same issue, but now at 74, my 6-pack has turned into a pony keg. Guess there is always cosmetic surgery, but personally, I don’t give a damn. Like Popeye — I yam wad I jam! 😉



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