Our Better: Nature

Our Better: Nature

Science just can’t help it. It has to interfere,
trying to come up with things that formerly weren’t here:
pesticides and atom bombs, styrofoam and plastic,
genetic engineering and other “cures” more drastic.

Mother Nature chuckles and sends a flood or fire,
a hurricane or drought or backlashes more dire.
We try to get the best of her, but in the end she’ll win.
for though we try to overlook it, she’s the body that we’re in!

When we seek to alter her, we also alter us.
She’s the vehicle we ride in and we can’t get off the bus.
We’re poisoning her lifeblood and littering her skies,
interfering with her cycles in ways that are not wise.

When we overpopulate, she counters with a virus.
Her avalanches bury us, her floods and mudslides mire us.
If we were Nature’s employees, I think that she would fire us,
bemoaning that decision she made to ever hire us.

Two of my usual prompt sites had not published their word by the time I did my prompt poem today so I only used three prompts. This morning they are published so I’m writing a second poem.The Ragtag prompt today is Help and the Word of the Day prompt is science.

8 thoughts on “Our Better: Nature


    Well MY science right now is the damn cell phone and HELP is not possible. When you live in a deep valley such as I do, a cell phone just does not work~! I can get text messages but they must be sent to my computer or a land line. That would be OK except everything, I mean EVERYTHING and almost EVERYBODY now can only operate on a CELLPHONE and they do not understand my problem, even my car will not properly operate without a cellphone~!!!! So this morning they keep sending me a message of what I need to know on my cell phone, which just sits there innocently charging the battery so I can put it back in my car to make it go. I guess I will need to drive up the mountain top to see what they are saying to me~!.. WISH I COULD REBUFF HUMAN BEINGS~!

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      1. SAM VOELKER

        Oh! oh~!
        just for the GPS, but I rarely need that. However when you get in the car, “SHE” tells me to initiate the cell phone, so it must keep track of where you have been, keeping mileage etc and she knows to tell when it is time to get an oil change~! The law now uses this to know where you buried body, and wives use it to know where you have been shacking up~! Not necessary but a pain in the ass and when you get out “SHE” says “don’t forget your cell phone” The damn battery will not charge when the car is turned off, so I must carry the useless thing into the house to keep it charged~! and attempted “LOBO” calls will try to come through at times, even out here. I hate it~! I almost feel like my grand father did, who called our old crank phone a newfangled piece of crap that would NEVER become popular, now everyone takes X rated photos with them~! And he thought a “selfe” was only masturbation.

        Hay my sister was one of the first telephone operators in our town… “Number Please~?” In school we learned to tilt the pay phone booth against the wall so when you dropped a nickle in, it would hit and ring the quarter bell, so I got a discount calls home. I also crammed the Bendix washing machine completely packed until my sheets started turning yellow and were coming out dry, so figured the water was not getting to the center of the drum.

        Wish all that knowledge from College still worked, but too much mileage on this old jerk~!



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