Mad Poem: NaPoWriMo 2021, Day 26, Parody

Mad Poem

We’ve been pinned to our homes
for a year, maybe more,
and after a month
it’s turned into a bore.
We’ve stared at computers
or the walls of our rooms,
our social encounters
just tweets, Skypes or Zooms.
We’ve missed our Starbucks,
the beach and the mall.
Our range of diversions
has been nothing at all.
Restaurant after restaurant
called on the phone
has said they were closed
and to leave them alone.
When we called up our friends,

we had nothing to say
for we did the same things
for day after day.
We yearn for the freedom
that will come with a vacc.
It’s not fair that our elders
can get what we lack!


My poem was a parody of the Dr. Seuss poem below:

Sad Poem


The NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a parody of another poem. 

14 thoughts on “Mad Poem: NaPoWriMo 2021, Day 26, Parody

  1. SueW

    I can’t make up my mind whether you’re serious about older people being vaccinated before younger ones or whether you’re joking for the poem.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Since I am one of those elders, this is written from the point of view of someone younger. I go back and forth on the issue. On one side is the fact that if we are retired, we can afford to stay home while many younger people can’t. On the other side it is true that the consequences of contracting Covid are greater for us. So, I’m somewhere in the middle, but yes, I did get my shots!

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      1. SueW

        I am shocked that younger people in the US have that attitude and thankfully I’ve not heard of it happening here in the U.K. Do they not care about their parents and grandparents and those less vulnerable than themselves.

        Since the pandemic began, the vulnerable and seniors have been asked to stay at home except for essential food shopping. As the elderly and vulnerable are most at risk of dying and becoming seriously ill, most seniors including me have complied.

        Unfortunately, and especially in poorer communities of multi-generational households the infection has spread to many seniors and those with underlying health problems. In care homes it was passed on by many of the carers, the very people who were paid to protect their patients, but instead they inadvertently killed them.

        Caring for Covid patients has put a massive strain on hospitals and staff.

        The spread of the virus has been caused by selfish people not doing as they were told. Households mixing socially has also been a major cause.

        The U.K. is running a highly successful vaccination program and It’s unthinkable that anyone would vaccinate the less vulnerable above those who need it the most. Everyone here must wait until they are invited for their vaccination.

        The program began with all those over eighty years old and the health workers, from there it gradually worked down the age range. The age range now is at forty plus. It’s a highly organised system that has worked well, no one has to phone around chasing a vaccinstion.

        Last December my son, a thirty-year old teacher contracted the virus from the school where he works, he was unaware that a student had Covid (as was the student).

        My son is in my bubble and unfortunately, he’d come to stay for the weekend when he began to show symptoms. Four days later I too showed Covid symptoms.

        My son was well again by the time his ten day quarantine period was complete, but on my eleventh day I was admitted to hospital. My children thought I was going to die.

        It is a terrible illness and far far worse than any type of flu, especially for older people. Now over four months later, I still suffer with what is called Long Covid, there have been days where I’ve crawled up the stairs because I could not breathe and others where I could not leave my bed. Fortunately, my good days are beginning to overtake the bad days, but it’s not over yet.

        I wouldn’t wish this on anyone and especially those who are less able to deal with such an illness. So yes, the seniors and the vulnerable should be vaccinated first.

        I’ve had my two vaccinations, so by now I should be oozing antibodies.



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