Men whistle, catcall, stare and stalk
and even vagrants stop and gawk.
Old ladies cluck their tongues and talk,
but I can’t help the way I walk.

My talent was not learned of late.
It’s rumored that it is innate.
My mom, a flapper in her day,
was zany, silly, clever, gay.

And now I ooze with her pizzazz,
her craziness and all that jazz,
or so Dad says. And long-dead embers
spark in his eyes as he remembers.

She’s only stories heard, a name,
a face within a silver frame
on the nightstand of my dad—
the mother that I never had.

She never held me in her arms
or schooled me in feminine charms,
but I have her spirit and her butt.
In this I am most fortunate.

So I resurrect her daily,
imagining her as I gaily
sway and flirt. It is a token—
a eulogy with no word spoken.

Prompts for today are pizzazz, fortunatevagrant, innate and frame. The photo really is of my mother, but the poem is fictional. My mother taught me lots of things, but not how to walk seductively!!! ;o)

15 thoughts on “Eulogy

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes.. it all depends on the spirit and motives of the gawk..Actually, I think even women enjoy seeing an attractive woman–as is evidenced by the fact that so often we dress more for other women than for men. And I can’t imagine being insulted by a respectful admiring glance. And, I must admit that a few months ago, I nearly rearended the car in front of me when I got distracted by an attractive older gentleman riding a bike coming toward me in the bike lane. (He was in the bike lane, not me.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SAM VOELKER

        I can’t remember following one, and yes bikes do sometime take out attention. Shirley would say” “stop staring at that cute lady~!” Me: “I was not staring”, Her: “then why are your eyes bobbing up and down~?” One of the reasons I loved her, she could make a joke of it~!



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