I’m waging a campaign against your excesses.
You don’t need more shoes or jewels or dresses.
I’m sending a notice to wherever you shop
that your random purchases just have to stop!

Your profligate spending’s way out of control.
Abstemious behavior should be your new goal.
I abhor that I’m having to start this campaign
and hope that my efforts will not be in vain.

I’m not suggesting that you turn ascetic,
It’s simply that your present life is pathetic.
You buy and you buy and you buy and you buy
’til the Amazon boxes are stacked to the sky.

Then you head to the mall to buy a bit more,
’til your closet is fuller, I swear, than the store!
Now my salary cannot keep up with the strain,
so I must insist, dear, you try to refrain.

To help, I have cancelled your credit cards, then
tackled your charge accounts, closing all ten.
I’ve taken you off my bank account, too.
hoping to try to educate you

to the fact that life’s more than spending and spending.
I hope that my excessive acts will be ending
your own excesses, and that you’ll find
new hobbies to fill your acquisitive mind.

Prompt words today are random, abhor, abstemious, ascetic and campaign.

11 thoughts on “Moratorium

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    You mean there’s actually a mall with open stores and everything?

    I’m not sure what’s still alive. A lot of big shops like Macy’s and Best Buy are gone and these were the big shops that the malls depended on to bring in traffic. But no problem because if you want to spend money, what better way than online? You don’t even have to get in your car and find a parking spot!


  2. Christine Goodnough

    I met a lady like this one time. She was alone, so no husband to stop her purchases. Heaps of clothes — and yet she’d washed out by hand the ones she’d worn the day before. Couldn’t find any clothes to wear to church, so had to stay home. Packages of unopened sheet sets stacked in her closet. A type of mental illness, methinks.

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