Marriage Vows


Marriage Vows

Sure of their joyful union, they’ll never rue the day
that they exchanged their vows on that blissful day in May,
but read their bitter interviews gathered five years hence,
accusing and denying, angry, bitter, tense.
Those whom God hath brought together let no human flout.
Every couple means their vows when given, there’s no doubt,

but kids and bills and taxes and a pretty new assistant
can create a need to grow increasingly more distant.
Hard to keep compliant to a former vow
when fate intervenes with that ever-changing now.


Prompts for today are union, sure, joyful, may and interview.

6 thoughts on “Marriage Vows

  1. Christine Goodnough

    Good poem, sad truth. I think if the vows are going to hold, partners must make a commitment to marriage as an inviolable institution, as well as to each other. That’s what kept us together through many a turbulent day for (soon) 51 years.
    Back when there was no “exit door” couples accepted that you stayed together and made it work. As an aged relative told me, “We were married 60 years and never once talked of divorce. Murder, yes. Divorce, never.”

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