May/December Marriage

May/December Marriage

She rises up from her repose,
kohls her eyes, contours her nose,
puts on the diamond and the gold
for which her liberty was sold.

Dons her linen, silk and fur.
Puts on fresh perfume to obscure
with bergamot and rose and myrrh
those memories now but a blur.

This will be her life hereafter:
less spontaneity and laughter.
All her beauty and her charms
cradled in an old man’s arms.

Prompt words today are repose, gold, laughter, fresh and blur. Image by Bibek Thakuri on Unsplash, used with permission.

9 thoughts on “May/December Marriage


    Not for long because soon
    He will be alone in the room.
    She will have moved to be
    with a richer one you see~!

    Always looking for something better
    or one that is a better hitter.
    but soon she may wonder why
    Everyone she marries seems to die~!

    So while she counts her money and thinks
    why is my life so lonely, it stinks.
    For you can’t buy happiness that way
    love is not something to sell on Ebay.

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