Humble Up to a Point

Humble Up to a Point

I’m not noted for my moxie. Not famous for my wit.
When I tell a joke, I rarely get away with it.
My asides are not whimsical. They’re lacking in their zest.
The laughter they occasion is optional, at best.
When they hold a contest in delivering a line,
I promise you the loving cup never will be mine.
And though it would be wonderful to be life of the party,
I’ll have to make do with being brilliantly arty!


Prompt words are contest, whimsical, optional, moxie and wonderful. (Amazing that three of the five prompts, all taken from different sites, actually rhyme with each other! ) What are the chances?

29 thoughts on “Humble Up to a Point

  1. M. Oniker

    As clever and witty as your poems are, I doubt that this poem is biographical. I can sarcastically quip and raise a few smiles (and usually four times as many puzzled looks), I cannot tell a joke-joke to save my life. ♥

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    Well if nothing else, the photo did get a chuckle out of me~!.. Now as to dishing it out, my dry humor, convoluted subtility, and play on words so often completely misses my target that I seem to be the only one laughing (inside) while others have the same look that your photo has~! If you must explain it, then forget about it~! Some peoples brains just work on a different level, (not higher, just different).

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          Actually, I love humor but don’t much appreciate jokes. In moderation they are great but occasionally you meet someone who uses a string of them to avoid actually communicating. That, I hate.

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  3. Glenda M Roman

    Oh, Judy, you are so dear! Okay, and “brilliantly arty.” as well. Just please keep on enriching life on this planet in your own perfectly imperfect, accessible/delightful/wise and wonderful ways! Wow. I wuv u. Glen

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