I’ve Been and I Am

I’ve Been and I Am

In earlier days, I’ve been cursed and rehearsed.
Been nursed for my fevers, relieved of my thirst.
Dialed and aisled, exiled  and trialed.
Filed and riled and even profiled.

I grew tired, retired, and my interest was fired
to try moving off to a place I’d admired.
Fate guided my steps, waved her magical wand

and found me a house by a beautiful pond,

Surrounded by greenery both flower and frond,
 I’ve probably formed my ultimate bond.
What we were we still are, for that is our core,

but if we have courage, we can be still more.

Life isn’t over when we’re retired.
We may be at rest but we needn’t be mired.
The flame of our life has not yet expired.
No circuit’s so old that it can’t be rewired!

Prompt words are tired, wand, thirst, negate and profile.

32 thoughts on “I’ve Been and I Am

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Mason. That’s my house and I think of it as gold but people usually do describe it as orange. Every time I’ve painted it, it has gotten brighter. When I bought the house it was entirely cream-colored, inside and out, and the trim was rust-colored.

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      1. slmret

        I’m recovering well from the surgery, and feel really good, thank you! On Wednesday I begin a course of chemo and later radiation that will all last through the rest of the year — 6 sessions of chemo, 3 weeks apart, a month off, then 5 sessions of radiation a week apart! Don’t have any clue how I’ll do through that, although it sounds less terrible than some of the stories I’ve heard in the past.


          1. slmret

            transportation that will be set up as soon as I have a full schedule — a company run by an Army Medic Transport specialist, It’s a little pricey, but with medics driving, I’ll feel safer than if it was volunteers for a county group. If the chemo nurse is right, it sounds a lot less difficult than it used to be, although I will feel pretty awful for a few days after each session. I have a tremendously helpful group of neighbors and friends, all of whom want to help however they can!


          2. slmret

            WP didn’t like the length of that — it began to say I had overnight help only for 2 nights after surgery — haven’t needed it since. I do have professional transportation ~ ~ ~


          3. slmret

            Thanks, Judy — I think my support group is pretty strong — and if I need more, I can always hire the HomeInstead group again. It’s all pretty pricey, but I can’t take the money with me, so might as well spend it on my well-being if I need to!


  1. slmret

    So far, yes — the transportation is the only thing I know of so far that isn’t completely (or almost completely) covered by Medicare and a good Supplemental Insurance. The only thing they haven’t covered so far is $166 for the doctor who administered one of the colon tests — how can you have a radiology test without a radiologist? And I’m fortunate to have sufficient funds that I don’t have to worry too much about the costs. And it’s all being done at Hoag Hospital, one of the best in the country!


    1. Marilyn Armstrong

      The extra Medicare cost was great — but I can’t afford it anymore. That’s the thing about a fixed income. Ten years down the road, it’s half what it was when you started and it wasn’t a huge amount to begin with. That old saw about “poor but happy” was not written by poor, happy people. It was written by people who thought “poor” meant they didn’t live in the biggest house or have extra money for better vacations. The really poor are not happy. The really poor lack food, medication, and hope. It’s hard to be happy when that’s what you need and can’t get.



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