Sad Movies

Sad Movies

This movie’s so sad it should come with a tissue
and  a spare one as well with the first one they issue.
I blush to admit how my tears are just gushing. 
I’m surrounded by neighbors complaining and shushing.
It’s uncanny that I’d pay good money for this.
Nine dollars for me and nine dollars for sis.
I don’t need the mood swing. I don’t need this sadness—
exchanging for tears my earlier gladness.
If they’re going  to produce such sad entertainment,
a least they could provide adequate containment
for all of the tears and the blowing of noses.
Entertainment this year was no bed of roses!

Prompt words today are swing, uncanny, blush, issue and spare.

8 thoughts on “Sad Movies

  1. okcForgottenMan

    When I was growing up here (1950s) my family owned & ran the only movie theater in town. There was a special soundproof(ish) room upstairs (8 seats I think) called the crying room. Large plate glass between the rest of the audience, and its own tiny sound system. It was made for parents with crying babies, but it was also a fun refuge for me to dally in. (At least when it was free of crying babies or lusty teens in a make-out session.) I wonder if today’s theaters have such rooms.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Wish I had. Now it keeps going through my mind. That generation of songwriters really knew the mind of a young girl! But I should have matured above that level. I still, however, identify.

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