Bad Ending, Sweet Beginning

Bad Ending, Sweet Beginning

In the graveyard of my memory, an adventure stirs.
First it circles like a cat, then settles down and purrs.
The message that it imparts via magical vibrations
reminds me of adventure and of youthful excitations.

No rigmarole of gossip. No conspicuous inflection.
No past welling up sickeningly like some dormant infection.
Fear fades into shadow and romance swirls into view.
And I suddenly remember what attracted me to you.




Prompts for today are rigmarole, conspicuous, adventure, impart and graveyard. Second image from Unsplash.

9 thoughts on “Bad Ending, Sweet Beginning

  1. Marion Couvillion

    Really like this one including the photo and ending.. I wonder it that is a fence between a Jewish and a Christian cemetery….It would be perfect~!

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      1. Marion Couvillion

        I was raised in a part of the country where they were all separated. Except for that of the Jews; the only ones we had came down on the orphan trains. The ones who were in their teens when they arrived, more or less managed to keep their heritage, but the ones below that age were christened and raised Catholic; and that was the answer (more or less) to slavery, as the kids were put to work on farms and places as (adopted) children of the local farming community. I have never figured out where the bad ended, and the good started, but they all became very good citizens in our little community. The Jewish cemetery and place of worship was over 30 miles away. The black catholic cemetery was near the white one but very separate and the protestant’s cemetery was on the opposite side of town. What a dumb mess, the one thing they had in common was that they were all dead~! I had a good friend who was my age and his folks were train orphans. He was an albino. He was almost grown before his mother and father found out they were brother and sister. But they kept a loving marriage until they both died~! Wow she was a fine cook and they ended up with the best eating place in town~!


        1. lifelessons Post author

          I’ve often wondered if they do anything to keep track of children conceived by sperm donors to insure brothers and sisters are not marrying each other.



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