Is Death An Illusion? Scientific Evidence Suggests It Is Not the End.

Is Death An Illusion? Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t the End

5 thoughts on “Is Death An Illusion? Scientific Evidence Suggests It Is Not the End.

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Isn’t it amazing? Did you read it more than once? I have tried many times to grasp the principles of quantum physics and just grasped the overall concept, but have never read a simple explanation such as this before. Mind-boggling. If you have Netflix, extend that sense of wonder by watching their documentary series Human: The World Within. The first episode tied in with this article, in my estimation. We are so lucky to be alive and a part of this incredible world.

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      1. Marion Couvillion


        As you may remember I often like to write about dreams and dreaming; also I have related them to death and life after death. But when I wrote about it, I alluded to those facts of death and my thoughts involved what I considered a very short time period….

        We do know that astronauts gain time in their lives while in space, (only a second or two), and if we were to travel to another planet near the speed of light, though time has passed back here on earth, they could arrive at an age close to when they left.. This more or less is why It is very difficult to put our mind thought to this~! But Einstein tried to explain it to us. However my suggestion concerned the brain and also the things we have accomplished in our life.. Using this approach, in a way, you continue on in life, but not in your present state… I want to be a puppy dog~!

        In that post I made sometime back and which I am thinking about, I talked about death, “tongue in cheek”, but it was one of my efforts to explain my own thoughts on this subject. So read my post and have fun with it~!

        As for me, I want to come back as a puppy dog living with an old man.

        Here is that post:

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