Mall Mode

Mall Mode

Shopping malls and market finds are sites of great commotion.
They thrive on hype and slick techniques and tactics of promotion.

They are keen on chicanery that brings you in to buy.
You simply cannot wait to get your portion of the pie.

Pizza Huts and Burger Kings vie for your attention
if you seek a little break to ease the shopping tension.

But you must know the lingo that goes with hot new styles.
The modern world depends on more than simply fashion’s wiles.

When you see a friend’s dope shoes as well as her new hat,
you know enough to call them goat and not to call them phat.

Prompts today are market finds, keen, technique, chicanery and promotion. I might even try to squeeze in some prompts from Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Her prompts today are: “hat,”  “hit,” “hot,” and “hut.” Image by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash, used with permission.

12 thoughts on “Mall Mode

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I have to admit I don’t miss malls — except for the guy in one mall who sold watch batteries. Otherwise? I haven’t worn anything fashionable is so many years, it’s a moot point and has been for a long time. Besides — the malls did a pretty good job of putting themselves out of business. Remember when the reason for shopping in a store was because you got help? Someone helped you find the right size, helped you decide what looked good on you. It was more than a decade ago that they decided we didn’t need help. They cut back by more than half the people who used to help you, closed a lot of checkout aisles and basically left you to fend for yourself. You were lucky if you could find anyone to tell you where to find the petite sizes.

    I had, by then, already started to shift to catalogue shopping because they never had my size, the shoes were uncomfortable, and they didn’t even provide carts to put your stuff in — and then you had to haul it all to the car. After a while, they only time we went shopping was right after Christmas when everything was on sale. Otherwise, there was no fun in it.

    I used to shop with my mother when I was a kid. Even when I was a young adult. We had fun and the clerks would buzz around, offering to help you, taking away things you didn’t want, tempting you with other items. And one day, it all went away. The malls thought we’d keep coming no matter how they treated us. They were wrong. Now they are blaming online shopping, but they were busy alienating shoppers LONG before Amazon came of age.



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