At six o’clock, glib comments start to fill the air.
We’re hungry for frittata, but the table’s bare.
Darkness fills the kitchen, for mama’s gone on strike.
She’s gone off to the city. Alone, on papa’s bike.

It’s dicey whether she’ll return. She says she’s tired of cooking.
She’s in need of a vacation and so she made a booking
at a posh hotel that has its own cafe
where she will dine on coq au vin followed by crème brûlée.

For once, serving the rest of us will not be her fate.
Someone else will  wait on her and she’ll just sit and wait.
In the morning she will order service in her room
where she’ll not even make her bed or wield dust cloth or broom.

Her note says then she might come home, or she might just wait
and find a nice seaside resort where she can cogitate
for another day or two. She says we shouldn’t worry.
The pizza place delivers if we’re not in a hurry.

Her recipe book’s on the shelf. The stove is  under it.
Her apron’s in the closet and she’s sure that it will fit
each and every one of us while she is on vacation.
She says that fending for ourselves will be an education.

She says to wash the dishes even though it is a bore,
for if she sees a messy kitchen when she walks in the door,
she’s going to walk right out again until we prove we’ve learned
that things will be real different after Mama has returned!





Prompts for today are six, glib, frittata, dicey and darkness.

17 thoughts on “Enough


      I can’t take full credit for that one, It was popular in the Bahamas many years ago and when spoken by a Bahamian in her sing-song manner was really funny, But I knew she really meant it~! Oh it brings back great memories~! Cuba Libras, Steel Drums, and Calypso…. I have not herd Harry Belafonte in many years but he was the rage in the Islands back then~! I have Calypso records tucked away somewhere. Funny how a simple statement can bring back great memories. Music, Dance and a way of life, all rolled up in one~!

      But there sometimes are also bad memories.
      Your post about Mama “No-no’s” brought back the memory of my mother burning our Ouija Board…. She said that it was the work of the devil~!


      1. lifelessons Post author

        Kids I had working to help me clear out the house after Bob died burned his Tarot cards! They said they were the work of the Devil. I couldn’t believe it!!!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I bet there are lots of wives and husbands who feel that way. My husband and I had this conversation about 5 years into our marriage and he wasn’t very happy about it but at least he was in charge of loading and unloading the dishwasher after that. He said none of his other wives complained and I reminded him that at least his first wife didn’t have a fulltime job!

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