Birthday Bouquet

Last night, the doorbell rang and it was Paisano and Patti, who entered my house with this gorgeous bouquet, singing “Las Mananitas.”  Kristina, who is watching my house while I’m in the States for a month, joined in. So sweet.

Then at 7 a.m. this morning, after the man I’d called to drive me to the airport  loaded my bags in a hard rain and we were starting to drive away, Yolanda and Oscar showed up two hours early for work and handed me a box. Inside was this lovely rosary. “It is handmade—for your protection,” she told me.

Although my birthday is actually tomorrow ,what a lovely birthday it has turned out to be, even before it has started.

43 thoughts on “Birthday Bouquet

  1. Kirk Robertson

    Well, Happy Birthday one day early🎈🎂🎁🎉🎈
    Where are you at & where else will your travels take you this visit ?


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    Gee. I comment on your blog and then, it appears again and my comment isn’t there, so I wonder if my comment doing go through or this is a duplicate. Regardless, have a GREAT birthday and may this be a much much much better year ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      So I see this one, Marilyn. I haven’t been on today except to post. Wonder if that is why? I never have to accept comments.. except sometimes when the person has never commented before.



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