Pre-Trip Snafu

After a packing frenzy, I finally fell asleep at 3 this morning, then got up at 5 to get ready for my ride  to the airport in Guadalajara to catch a flight to Houston and then to Minneapolis for a family reunion. I started writing this at 8 a.m. in Guadalajara. It is now 2:28 in the afternoon and I am in Houston waiting for my next flight.  I’ve spent an hour and a half  in the Guadalajara Airport waiting room, one hour waiting in the plane for a mechanical error to be fixed, two hours in the air, another hour and a half walking through passport control, customs, baggage claim, baggage recheck (I hope) and another few miles walking from the end of one concourse to the end of the other.

I hope my two hours of sleep last night  accounts for the fact that I absolutely cannot remember rechecking my 50 lb. checked bag after picking it up from the carousel here in Houston. I do remember lifting it off the carousel. I just can’t remember wheeling it though customs and rechecking it to Minneapolis! And I am not going to backtrack another 5 miles, so I may wind up in Minnesota with only my carry-on. The good news will be if this confusion is due to lack of sleep and not the onset of dementia.  This poem, however, relates the story of the beginning of my journey this morning as I sat in the waiting room at the departure gate for my flight from Guadalajara.


Pre-Trip Snafu

I have a special movie I’ve been saving to see.
It’s loaded on my laptop here, balanced on my knee
but I cannot watch it due to an oversight,
even though I have two hours left before my flight.

So I’m sitting in the airport feeling sort of lost.
I need to buy some earphones, no matter what the cost.
I knew I’d forget something even though I checked and checked,
but this egregious oversight I neglected to detect.

I penned a careful overview of what I knew I’d packed,
unpacked my bags and looked again to double-check each fact.
My boisterous friends requested that before I go
we celebrate my birthday, but I had to say no.

I was too busy packing , unpacking and repacking––
checking off the items to see what I was lacking.
Phone, computer, curling iron, hair dryer and comb.
I couldn’t think of anything that I was leaving home.

Of course it was inevitable something would go wrong,
and the realization was sure to come along
after I passed all the shops and five miles down the aisle,
weary of lines and walking. Ready to rest awhile.

No magazines to pass the time. My phone is out of juice.
No earphones to enjoy my flick. I guess I’ve cooked my goose.
Too late to remedy my lack, too far into my botch,
but real life’s all around me. I guess that I’ll just watch!


Prompt words are off, overview, boisterous, egregious and lost.

20 thoughts on “Pre-Trip Snafu

  1. slmret

    If you lifted the bag off the carousel, you must have done something with it after that. Could you have left it at customs — probably not, since the customs people would have prompted you to take it with you. Then what? Sorry — just my train of thought if I were in the same situation! Ane Yolanda’s beautiful rosary was to keep you safe, so ! rather expect that you are ok!

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  2. blue

    Judy I just read your pre-departure poem it’s great. I’m sorry you’ve had so much trouble but you’re obviously looking up the positive side of things and that’s what you need to do when these things happen. As in my fried motherboard. Hopefully they’ll be more celebrations for your birthday when you get back to Minnesota. Luv, blue

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  3. judyreeveswriter

    I trust you’ll let us know the 50 lb. bag arrived safely–either with you or shortly thereafter. Have a lovely holiday. Look forward to seeing you in October. (PS I sent an email to you about this a week or so ago. )


  4. Marilyn Armstrong

    I always try to put my most important stuff — medications, a nightgown, underwear — into the overnight. Once, we forgot to load my luggage into the car when we got off the Ferry in Martha’s Vineyard — and it was just gone. We went back, but someone grabbed it. It had ALL my medications in it — and insurance won’t pay for them again, so I had to buy them all at full price. On Martha’s Vineyard. It was a learning experience.



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