Human Drama

Human Drama

The wings of destiny are stilled, waiting for our play.
Astonished at our slowness, confused at the delay.
Disappointment in mankind by now’s a usual thing.
What new human horror will the future bring?

We’ve poisoned oceans, sullied air and burdened earth with junk.
Enough to put Ma Nature in a perpetual funk.
She balks and sends out warriors to try to curb our lusts,
but still mankind continues to turn shouldn’ts into musts.

She now sees she was misguided in creating human fools,
with all  of their excesses flaunting all her rules.
Soon she’ll find another way to try to clear her slate of them
as destiny stands waiting to see what is the fate of them.


Prompt words today are disappointment, astonish, delay, destiny and wing,

14 thoughts on “Human Drama

            1. lifelessons Post author

              Wish you lived close enough to use thermally-heated hot tub. It’s heated by wated from the magma layer that flows from Colima Volcano. I have to let it cool before we can use it!

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