Ollie Finds a Distraction

Oops..I can see this video here but not when I try to view it on Notifications or the Reader. Please let me know if it works for you. It should last about 15 seconds, but it  looks like this video doesn’t work except on Facebook. I’ll see if she can send it in another format. Sorry.

I received this message from my friend Kristina who is housesitting for me on my birthday. Hope you can see this video of Ollie and another who remained his playmate and not his prey, but I fear the worst.

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17 thoughts on “Ollie Finds a Distraction

    1. lifelessons Post author

      And I must admit it was Ollie’s bite, not a snake’s, that took me to the doctor. I stepped on his tail and he climbed my leg, biting and sinking his nails in, trying to get free, but he was so heavy I couldn’t lift my foot to get off his tail. A freak unplanned accident but very painful. My house looked like a murder scene as I trailed blood all the way through kitchen, dining room, living room and down the hall to the bathroom. All is now forgiven…from both parties.


      1. SAM VOELKER

        There are times when I think that a cat can be worse than a dog. But my cat Butty did get bitten by a rattle snake.. Just behind my house is a small bluff just large for the snakes to like… They are gone now as they do not stay close to people but when we first built the house, they were a problem… one dog and one cat got bit. I have had a lot of run in’s with snakes through my work. I have one little ribbon snake like Ollie’s in my koi pond and Tami is infatuated with it. She actually jumped in last summer.

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          I’ve had two in my house..one behind my umbrella stand and one in my sink which slithered down into my garbage disposal. I had to put on long gloves to get it out. No. Did not ever consider turning on the garbage disposal. Ew. I actually like snakes. Rattlesnakes excepted. Like them, but not as neighbors.



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