Ashton Wildwood Park

This is the entrance to the  Ashton Wildwood Park that has now been dedicated to  my former brother-in-law Denis Wilcox who passed away a few months ago. We had the dedication for it on  Friday. The dedication arch has not yet been completed, but here is the stone marking the area that he maintained for so many years. He was also on the conservation board for the park.

Above is a photo of some of his kids and grandkids at the dedication

And a photo of the whole crew: kids, their spouses, grandkids and former sis-in-law. 

For Tree Square

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16 thoughts on “Ashton Wildwood Park

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Becky. It really was a perfect memorial. I took at least 100 photos of the friends and family who gathered there but thought the one of the beautiful corridor of trees belonged with your prompt.

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    What a beautiful tribute to Denis Wilcox, and it must make all of his family very proud that he left such a lasting memorial legacy.. You did not tell us much about him.. He must have been very active in conservation or gifts to this cause to merit such an honor. My deep interest in conservation makes me want to know more.

    Congratulations to his memory and all of his decedents for this beautiful tribute~! Now a poetic memorial from you of your experience about him and at that dedication is anxiously awaited~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Sam, I had the name wrong. It is still called Ashton Wildwood Park but it will add “Dedicated to Denis Wilcox” to the sign when it is completed. The green that he mowed every week for years, even after retirement, has the large stone with his name inscribed on it that is shown in the photo. He was on the conservation board for many years and when he died, his family and friends from his first marriage donated and collected money for the park in his name and the board decided to dedicate the entire park to him. The memorial was filled with his old friends, rangers and other board members as well as family. I’ll publish the photos later. It was an amazingly touching day and I loved hearing the stories about both Denis and my sister, Betty, who was his first wife. His present wife didn’t invite any of his kids or grandkids or friends of my sister to his funeral, believe it or not, so we felt the need to stage our own memorial. It was the choice of the board to name the green after him and dedicate the entire park to his memory. So touching.


  2. Ms D.

    So lovely. The tee shirt idea is brilliant. I wish I had thought of it in preparation for my family’s trip to mean this coming Saturday where we will honor my late husband Dan.

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