I’m in the tidepool of repose, floating on my dream—
Hushed and very far away from exhaustion’s scream.
The telephone’s not ringing, I have nowhere to go
except to float in currents of my dreaming’s flow.
All my finicky habits stream out ahead of me
and vanish in the currents, to leave me calm and free.
My head falls to the chair back, waking me from my nap,
but as if to calm me, the cat jumps in my lap.
I fall in with his plans for me, do not avoid his scheming,
but as I gently stroke him, I fall back to my dreaming.


Prompt words today are tidepool, repose, telephone, finicky and exhaustion.

9 thoughts on “Catnap


    Ha, you are really getting lonesome for those cats, dogs, and HOME~! Aren’t you. Mine all get a quick “segundo” each morning, first on on the bed in turn, then they run into the sitting room where they know I will be having my morning coffee.. The cats will be on the coffee table where they come first and Tami at the foot of my chair waiting to jump into my lap for a good ruffing up as soon as I sit down with a full cup of hot coffee~!!!

    But I am thinking this morning more about catnip instead of a cat-nap. Of course the only catnip I get here is after that good “pet down” either a little wet tongue nip or a more aggressive bite saying: “That’s enough of that stupid~!”

    Have you seen this one I wrote about “Catnip”~?


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