Good Dog

Good Dog

Before they strapped a chain link trinket around his coal black throat,
a hundred loving strokes a day smoothed his black fur coat.
He had a special diet stacked neatly on a shelf,
and though it was placed low enough for him to reach himself,
he never helped himself to it, and right up to this writing,
I never heard one word of his barking or his biting.
A paragon of virtue, he expelled no doggie farts,
and though his nose was yearning to explore some private parts,
he kept it strictly to himself, polite without a lapse,
and came running with his flouncy gait to whistles or to claps.
In short, he was the perfect dog—sleek and trim and dark,
so when his master took him running in the park,
he always got a special treat in his own private cup,
and to reward his human, he lapped the whole thing up!

I photographed this good boy in the park in Sheridan, Wyoming, where I went with my friend Marti, and since I am a good girl, I lapped up a cup of chocolate and salted caramel ice cream myself as well!

Prompt words today are expel, trinket, self, flounce and writing.

30 thoughts on “Good Dog

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Dale. I’ve had some great photo opportunities here in Wyoming. Lots of animal pix. Cats, dogs, deer, horses, cattle, birds, rabbits and human animals.


      1. Mason Bushell

        Lucy dog is fine with food.
        Do two things.
        The first is when bringing him his food bowl have him sit for it. Don’t feed unless he does.
        the second. Place plates of adult food on the floor and forbid him to touch with strong ‘no’ commands and a hand if nessecary.
        This’ll teach him all food is yours and he can only have what you give him.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          I do have strict rules when I feel them. Diego has to remain outside the door of the doggie domain and must sit as I dish out the dry food. Then, after I add the wet foot, he can come in to lick the spoon so I don’t have to carry it to the kitchen to wash it off. He has to sit as I put the spoon back into the fridge with the remains of the wet dogfood and then both Morrie and Diego can enter after I’ve put their food on the floor and said “Okay.” Morrie remains in his cage the whole time. Diego needs a few stern looks not to be naughty. It’s when someone leaves a door open to the house and there is food on the counter in the kitchen that he’s been a bad boy!

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            1. lifelessons Post author

              He is a black lab mix. Smaller than most with a more pointed snout. But what you describe sounds just like him. Three dozen cookies one time, an entire roasted chicken another time, six pork chops cooking in a frying pan another. All purloined from the kitchen when someone left an outside door open. And he never spilled a drop or upset a pan or cookie container.

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            2. Mason Bushell

              Happy saturday, Judy.

              Yup there’s your problem. Labradors will eat everything in sight and eat all day if they have the opportunity.
              Like you do the only safe option is to bar them from anywhere food exists.


            3. lifelessons Post author

              That I do, but visitors and workmen often do not heed the security rules! Ah well, so far it doesn’t seem to have hurt him, but I have had to serve pizza at least once when I had planned to serve pork chops and had no cookies to serve with coffee to guests.

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    Beautiful dog and great tribute poem to him, THANKS~!.
    Last night I was running late from a doctor’s visit, to a dinner date at a friends house. They had visitors in from New York City, so I left Tami at home, though they have always ask that I bring her, I did not know how she would be accepted among them. BUT they have a 13 year old with them, that knew about Tami and they all asked that I return home and get her….(this is not the first time I have been asked to return home and get her, she is so simpatico) So the 13 year old who is from Russia, came with me to get her. She, as normal, was well behaved the whole evening, only asking to go outside when it was time for (personal business),and sitting beside me at the dinner table (she does not beg, but at home will run to her treat bag when she thinks that she deserves one~!). I was telling them the story of my concern about her living longer than I would, and when I said this, three people simultaneously said “WE WILL TAKE HER~! I was so proud of HER~!

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          Now and then when I stop at the bottom of the hill, I get a cone at a wonderful ice cream stand and eat the ice cream and give Morrie and Diego the cone, but now I feel stingy for not giving them a bit of ice cream now and then as well.

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